Monday, 26 March 2012


Well we have finally had our first car boot sale.  In glorious sunshine my OH stood for about 6 hours selling most of the stuff we had packed into our people carrier whilst I was on babysitting duty at home.  We had lots of kitchenalia (mainly duplicates from Germany) plus toys and books which we sold for pennies.  The best deal of the day was a whole reindeer skin (OH's from a holiday in Norway decades ago) which went for £40. In total he raised £179!
I also cashed in various other things this week and raised another £236.
At the end of this week I will be able to tally up my expenditure for the month and work out those hidden savings (i.e. the ones from choosing a cheaper brand at the supermarket); it is easy to see the ones that come from vouchers and multibuys but overall savings depend on whether I have also stocked up on too many other things!
One of the things I stocked up on recently was cheap sandwich bags from Morrisons.  Their value range ones are 50 bags for 42p.  Sainsburys ones are normally 60 bags for £1.40.  I use about 1070 of these for OH and the kids lunches across the year.  Sainsburys would cost me £24.97/year Morrisons value ones cost me £8.99 - another  saving of £15.98/year.
Savings to date:£31.88+ £236.44+£179.31(carboot)+£50(float)=£497.73
0.71% of goal

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