Monday, 19 March 2012

Pinteresting Recipes:crockpot bacon and cheese potatoes

The groceries part of the budget allows the most wriggle room for us saving normal expenditure without compromising anything.  Normally we spend about £150-£200 per week; for a family of 5 plus one cat for all meals including lunches and drinks. Toiletries and household stuff also comes out of this budget but I tend to stock up when I can (hence the £50 a week variation!).
Whilst one of the ways we can save is by buying our usual fare when it is on offer, the best way to drive the bill down is to combine this with substituting cheaper recipes for some of our more expensive ones.
Pinterest is great for inspiration in this area and this post from Stockpiling Moms caught my eye.  Cheap ingredients and I use the slowcooker which is better on fuel than the oven; win-win.

Although I plan to try it pretty much as is if it works OK I guess you could substitute cooked chicken or sausage for the bacon.

Savings to date: £10.50 (petrol voucher) + £7.38 (multibuys on groceries)= £17.88

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