Friday, 30 March 2012

Movies for £1 per person

Going to the cinema is something that we like doing BUT these days it is normally confined to someones birthday or other special occasion.  With 5 people in our immediate family it can cost over £40 to go and see the latest release.  Luckily these days most cinemas offer deals (usually midweek) when you can have a reduced rate.
Our local cinema (part of the Cineworld chain) has a good deal every Saturday where they show one or two children's films for £1 per person.  They are not always the latest of releases but for us that doesn't matter so much.  Today they are reshowing Puss In Boots (part of the Shrek series) and A is desperate to go.  In the past we have taken the whole of the R and A's class (about 18 people it was a tiny village school) for a cheaper alternative to somewhere like a soft play place for a birthday party; we then took everyone to a pizza place (they let us bring our own birthday cake) and it was still less than booking a soft play. often has details of this kind of "days out" deal, along with lots of other good money saving advice and it is free.  The forum is also packed with lots of different boards and literally millions of tips and whatever your situation everyone is very supportive so take a look and subscribe to the email for the latest deals right to your inbox.

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