Thursday, 30 August 2012

More decluttering with music magpie!

Another £12.18 for the pot from Music Magpie.

Savings to date -£762.52 + £12.18=£774.70
Still 1.1 %

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Claiming refunds etc

Our people carrier broke heavily in April and has been at the garage ever since.  However it has now been sold and although the £3000 we got for it after the garage bill has already been allocated somewhere else (out-building roof) we had filled in the SORN forms at the beginning of June once it became obvious that it was not going to be a quick fix and the car was going to be off the road for a while.  This means a refund on road tax of £110 - well worth the 10 minutes it took to fill in and post the forms but one which in the past I probably would not have bothered with since it is a hassle to get stamps and take it to the post office.  (stupid huh!)
Other things I probably would not have bothered with in the past include the printed coupons you get given at the checkout.  This month I managed to bag £9 worth, (provided that I can be organised enough to use them within date!)
£119 for the pot takes me over 1%

savings to date = £643.52 + £119= £762.52  - 1.1% of total

Friday, 17 August 2012

School holidays updates

The school holidays have thrown my budgetting into chaos thanks to the extra diesel, food and expenses generally.  A reporter this week was throwing round the figure of £500 per week to keep little people amused during the school holidays - not in this house! (Although my in-laws wouldn't agree as they disapprove of all our belongs generally and what we choose to spend our money on ) We did our usual thing of raiding the pound shops for cheap craft materials and activities, using the library for free, going to £1 showings or midweek showings at the cinema (I also registered with Cineworld which gets us 10% off when I book online - and they have scrapped the booking fee too), painting pots from the garden centre for our garden and this summer we upcycled some redundant p.e. tops from school with tie dye.

 Other updates since my last post include:
More savings from my second purse style of budgetting - my stockpile value now stands at £117.88 and the "money" in my second purse itself is £38.24 ; I've yet to put anything into my third purse!
Tescos giving away vouchers since the last week in July (spend £20 and get £5 off your next £40 shop) as well as double vouchers at the moment meant I was able to get £48 of Skylanders figures (for A's birthday) for free.
£4.20 on money off per litre of fuel voucher (Morrisons)
Another box for music magpie £12.33 when the money comes in.
Left over housekeeping from last month from scrimping and saving generally £56.37

savings to date : £643.52 - 0.92% of total