Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Growing your own

Having a notoriously black thumb (despite having an honours degree in Biology!) this is one area where in the past I have spent money out and had virtually nothing in return.  However, in the spirit of if you don't try you'll never learn how we decided to give it a go in pots in the back garden again this year.
So far I have spent:
£10 (mini plastic greenhouse from Wilko)
£4 seeds from Wilko (buy 2 get third free)
£1 seeds from Lidl (about 30p a pack)
approx £15
One of the ones I am curious about are salad leaves seed mats from Wilko.  These are a pack of 2 mats which look like coffee filters with seeds stuck in between the two layers.  In theory all you go is put these in an 8 inch pot already filled with compost and sprinkle a little more soil on top.  All you have to do then is water and wait.  Leaves can be picked when the plants are about 2 inches tall and you can take up to 4 harvests from each plant.  The cost of the packet (without the offer) was £1.48 which is about what you can pay for bagged salad at the supermarket anyway.  Should be good for OH's sandwiches instead of greenhouse tomatoes. We shall see what happens...

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