Saturday, 10 August 2013

Homemade Potato Wedges

Having exited the supermarket with a three figure trolley (again)  I spent the afternoon searching both my hard drive and the Web for homemade versions of the processed goods in the trolley in the hopes of not going over budget at the end of the month.  One thing that is always in my basket is oven chips and frozen hash browns or potato wedges.  I found this recipe (I have a feeling it came from the OS forum board at and intend to give it a go as soon as I have space in the freezer.  Home grown spuds should make these practically free!

"Home Made Potato Wedges

Wash and clean about 4 large potatoes, you can use baking ones but its entirely up to you.
Part boil potatoes till a bit soft in the middle.

2tbsp of oil (any variety)
2 garlic cloves (less / more up to you)
salt + pepper
1 tsp of coriander
1 tbsp of paprika
Mix together and toss potatoes wedges in while still hot

2tbsp of oil (any variety)
2tbsp salt
2tbsp pepper
Mix together and toss potatoes wedges in while still hot

Now at this point after mixing you can wait till fully cooled down put in tub or food bags then freeze.
Or while still warm put into the oven on a baking tray, gas mark 6 for about 25 mins or till soft in the middle."

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