Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Saving on Packed Lunches:meat slicer

My Christmas present to myself this year...

Andrew James Meat Slicer

This fearsome looking beast cost me around £50 (should have been £140) and has nearly paid for itself already in the month that I have had it. How? I buy boneless roasting joints when they are reduced for quick sale and pop them in the freezer.  Then I take them and roast them in the oven and after they have cooled slice them up and package into 100 g packets.  Normal cost, for roast pork for example, around £2 per 100g pack - the last joint I roasted this way cost me £6 and I got a meal for the family and 9 bags of sandwich meat - saved £12!  I estimate that it should (even allowing for purchase price) save me about £100 on sandwich meat this year alone.  It even slices bread so I can turn my own bread from the breadmaker into sliced bread for the freezer (saving around 60p per loaf after ingredients and power).  One gadget that I am glad to have in my moneysaving kitchen.

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