Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tinned Tomatoes versus Passata

Habits are the things that add most to the grocery bill. Chances are if you find a brand you like you stick with it rather than risk not liking a cheaper alternative. So it was with us and tinned tomatoes.  Not a brand thing, more a habit.
Before we lived in Germany and the Netherlands I would buy chopped tinned tomatoes every week without fail. But since they can be kind of watery I would also throw in a tube of tomato puree to the trolley for good measure.  When we moved to Stuttgart I inevitably tried to carry on this habit. BUT tins of tomatoes are not a German staple and they were very expensive.  As an alternative I tried the cartons of passata and found to my surprise that they were actually a better product for (in Germany) half the price and they didn't need to tomato puree boost.  Since we have moved back to the UK many of the supermarkets now sell basic passata in cartons.  Usually it is the same price or even a few pennies cheaper than tins, but of course now I'm not buying puree alongside. Probably saves me 35p on my weekly spag bol or about £18 a year.  Just goes to show trying something new can help if you are 1) brave enough to try (it's only one meal not a life sentence) and 2) not lazy and sticking to habit.

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