Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hair Accessories for sale

Our school has a summer fair where people can sell things they have made for a fee of £10 per stall.  Over the last month I have been building up a steady supply of these
Hair bands/ slides/ elastics for a stall for myself and my daughter (10yo) to run together.  
I have tried to use materials from my stash at home so outlay (including the fee for the stall) runs to just below £20.  
Here's hoping 1) we get good weather so lots of people turn up! and 2) people like the designs I have made - so far with a week to go I have about 50 to sell with an average price of £1 (these things sell in the shops for £2-2.50).  I'm just hoping to get any profit but lots of valuable feedback I hope:)
(For anyone tempted to make some of these for themselves I used this crochet tutorial for the flower decoration)

Update:The fair itself was cancelled - not due to the weather but due to lack of parental support, not enough parents came forward to help with manning the stalls (we volunteered to have a school activity alongside our hair-clips but only 2 other parents volunteered!) Luckily some of the parents already intended to buy some hair-clips so they have approached me separately and so far I have sold £20 worth.  Combined with the return of my stall fee I'm in profit!

Savings to date:£512.32 +10.30 (from hair-clips)=£522.62  (0.75% of total)

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