Sunday, 26 August 2012

Claiming refunds etc

Our people carrier broke heavily in April and has been at the garage ever since.  However it has now been sold and although the £3000 we got for it after the garage bill has already been allocated somewhere else (out-building roof) we had filled in the SORN forms at the beginning of June once it became obvious that it was not going to be a quick fix and the car was going to be off the road for a while.  This means a refund on road tax of £110 - well worth the 10 minutes it took to fill in and post the forms but one which in the past I probably would not have bothered with since it is a hassle to get stamps and take it to the post office.  (stupid huh!)
Other things I probably would not have bothered with in the past include the printed coupons you get given at the checkout.  This month I managed to bag £9 worth, (provided that I can be organised enough to use them within date!)
£119 for the pot takes me over 1%

savings to date = £643.52 + £119= £762.52  - 1.1% of total

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